The Didgeridoo Drumkit


Featured in the June 2003 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine

Andy Graham's unique 'Didgeridoo Drumkit' is a hybrid of African drums, a modern drumkit, didgeridoos, and various percussion including a circular saw blade and wooden temple blocks. The most dramatic feature is the 'Triple Didge' stand designed and built by Andy himself. This allows Andy to play the didgeridoo and the drums at the same time.

Athough the kit is always evolving, the basic setup is listed below:

26" Ludwig bass drum - 1930 vintage
16" Tama floor tom
14" x 5" Grestch snare
Zildjian cymbals
Paiste accents on hi-hat mounted bell tree
Tama hardware
12" Ashiko & 13" Djembe
Custom-built didgeridoo rack w/ 3 agave didgeridoos
5 rack-mounted temple blocks
LP double chimes